Surfari del Mar

Welcome to my site the easiest way to book is go to the book now page on the site Anyguide has a good booking system that responds fast in case the day you choose is booked. For custom tours and quotes you can email me. Address is on TripAdvisor page. And here

Leave El Jobo at 1:00 sail to snorkeling anchorage. After swim food is put out we leave anchorage and sail till sunset. As we sail we troll 2 fishing rods.    

Drinks include wine beer rum vodka with sodas and fruit drinks.


Open tour $120/person 2 min 8 max

Private up-to 4. $600

6. $720

Private 8 $800

Private 10. $900 

28 thoughts on “Surfari del Mar

  1. Cost is $120 per person open tour min 2 max 6 Boat leaves beach at El Jobo at 1:30 sail to snorkeling spot I prep food after swim and food sail to sunset.onvludes food and drink. Cheers Jack

  2. I will be staying at Las Mareas from 3/24-4/1 and would like dates of availability and fees for both private (3 people) and non private. Thank you.
    Jim O.

  3. We are a family of 4 – 2 adults and 2 kids – we would like to do a 1/2 day sail/snorkeling trip with Captain Jack. Do you have the morning of 12/24 available? Thank you! Adina

  4. I would like to schedule a trip with Captain Jack for my family . We will be there Feb 8 thru 12th . Please email me costs and event description.

  5. Do you have any availability for Thursday, 3/31. Family of 4 ( two kids6&8)? We may have another family of 4 to bring along also if there is room. Referee by Mark. Staying at Dreams.

  6. Are u available any day between 04/05 and 04/08 for a family of 5, 3 kids ages 10, 8 and 5? Thanks! From dreams resort!

  7. Hello, we are wondering if you have any open availability this week? We are staying at the dreams las mareas resort in Costa Rica. We were also wondering the price and the length of the trip.

  8. Hello captain Jack!

    I am staying in Guanacoste with my 3 family members and myself (4 total). We are here until Sunday. Are we in the right area to take your tour? What is the a price for us 4? Do you have any availabilities?

    Thank you so much!

    Anita 🙂

  9. Hey there Captain Jack,
    I’m looking at perhaps a private tour for my husband & myself… We will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary while staying at Dreams . I’m looking at October 2nd, 2016. What would your price be and do you require full advance payment? Or 1/2 payment now and 1/2 due a week before?
    Thanks so much!


  10. Sailed Sunday afternoon 08-14-16 with Captain Jack and his first mate who knows a first mate’s duties and really knows her way around the galley. My adult daughter and I had an awesome time. We learned so much about the area, the country and the history, Totally recommend this excursion
    for anyone staying at Dreams las mareas. Happy sailing and thank you for a wonderful afternoon.

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